Jul 27

Bing Bang Festival of Rhythm

Muleketu; Brazilian Samba night


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A night of Brazilian Rhythms with Mulêketú and Forró Namangaia!

Formed in 1998, Mulêketú are widely regarded as the best samba reggae band outside Brasil. Based in Paris, with over 50 percussionists, they have brought the heartbeat of Bahia to the streets of Paris for over a decade. Fusing samba reggae, maracatu, funk and the drum throwing acrobatics of the famous Pelourinho drummers (Olodum, Ile Aiye). This will be their 5th visit to Dublin and a rare chance to see The Sugar Club turned into a proper carnival-esque session!
Also on the bill are Brazilian five piece Forró Namangaia who have passion for upbeat, authentic and genuine Forró music from the north of Brazil.
Stay on for late night club!

If you want to learn from them, come to their workshop Saturday morning 10.30am Dance House Foley St

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Muleketu; Brazilian Samba night